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Friday Five: Favorite Diet Friendly Frozen Meals

Before I starting cooking for myself and really enjoying it, I ate at least one frozen meal everyday, sometimes two. And after about a year couldn’t look at another frozen meal. However, lately I have opened my eyes back up to frozen meals and realized there are some pretty delicious ones on the market. They […]

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Friday Five: Superbowl Dips

All I want to eat Superbowl Sunday is dip – every kind, every flavor, creamy, spicy, cheesy, you name it, I’ll dip it. Dip has to be one of my favorite foods and I love that this Sunday it is completely appropriate to make dip my entire meal. However since dips can quickly pack on […]

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Friday Five: No Prep Low Carb Snacks

Let’s be honest, low carb snacking can be difficult especially considering the amount of hidden sugars, flours, and other additives in most packaged foods. Not to mention that it quickly gets boring reaching for raw veggies, deli meat, and eggs every time you need a pick me up between meals. So today let’s talk about […]

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Friday Five: Your Favorite Weight Loss Tools & Products

After last week’s Friday Five on Weight Loss Tools & Products, I got lots of emails sharing YOUR favorite foods, tools, products, and more to make weight loss and healthy living easier. Since there were so many amazing suggestions, I thought this week I would share some of YOUR favorite things, so here goes! 1. […]

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Friday Five: Tools to Help Your Weight Loss

One of the most common questions I get this time of year is, “What tools/products/gadgets/food do you recommend to help me lose weight?” And although for me the true key to healthy weight loss is planning – whether it be planning your own meals in advance, using meal plans, or just preparing lots of healthy […]

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Slender Kitchen: Best Recipes of 2013

Before we dive into this year’s most popular recipes, I just want to take a minute to thank each and everyone one of you. Seriously – y’all are amazing. I absolutely appreciate each and every email, comment, question, and piece of feedback you send my way. I wouldn’t be doing this without your support and […]

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