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Friday Five: Set It and Forget It Meals

With the start of school for many parents out there, this week’s Friday Five is dedicated to you. Sometimes there is just too much to do to spend more than five minutes thinking about dinner. So this week’s posts focuses on five meals that you can toss in the crockpot, in under five minutes, and […]

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Friday Five: Make Ahead Dinners

With school starting for many people in the coming weeks, it’s only natural to start thinking about busier weeknights packed with school events, sports, and other commitments that can make dinner time a challenge even for the most organized. So to plan ahead for busy nights and consider whipping up one of these meals on […]

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Friday Five: Substitutes for Healthier Baking

Learn how to substitute lower calorie ingredients in your favorite baking recipes.

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Friday Five: Healthy Pancakes

Tough week? Pancakes. Breakfast celebration? Pancakes. Lazy brunch? Pancakes. No time for dinner? Pancakes. Seriously pancakes are the the perfect comfort food for almost any occasion and can be whipped up so many different ways, there is always a recipe to suit how you are feeling. So jump in the kitchen and whip up a […]

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Friday Five: Energy Bars

Although I don’t eat a lot of meal replacement (energy) bars, sometimes they come in handy when you just can’t find the time for a meal. They can also be a great way to refuel during a tough day or after a hard workout. Usually when reaching for an energy bar, I try and pay […]

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Friday Five: Cookbooks for Quick Meals

Weight Watchers Cookbooks for Quick and Easy Meals

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