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Friday Five: Tools to Help Your Weight Loss

One of the most common questions I get this time of year is, “What tools/products/gadgets/food do you recommend to help me lose weight?” And although for me the true key to healthy weight loss is planning – whether it be planning your own meals in advance, using meal plans, or just preparing lots of healthy […]

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Last Day for $25 Yearly Meal Plan Special

Today is the last day of the $25 yearly membership sale for meal plans. Take advantage of this offer today and get meal plans all year long for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a month! This $25 meal plan membership gives you access to the regular, vegetarian, and low carb meal […]

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Slender Kitchen: Best Recipes of 2013

Before we dive into this year’s most popular recipes, I just want to take a minute to thank each and everyone one of you. Seriously – y’all are amazing. I absolutely appreciate each and every email, comment, question, and piece of feedback you send my way. I wouldn’t be doing this without your support and […]

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Low Carb Meal Plans

I am incredibly excited to announce the newest addition to Slender Kitchen Meal Plans – Low Carb Meal Plans! Each week starting on December 26th, in addition to the regular and vegetarian healthy Weight Watchers® friendly meal plans there will also be a new low carb meal plan. Each meal plan will include delicious low […]

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Black Friday $25 Special: Meal Plan Q&A

After sharing this weekend’s Black Friday $25 special price for the yearly meal plan membership, a lot of questions came in about the meal plan membership and how it works. The Q&A below should help answer any questions you have and also contains links to a sample plan. Take advantage of this special and sign […]

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Black Friday Sale! Meals Plans for $25

Instead of using the holidays as an excuse to “let things go” and putting off weight loss until next year, why not start now? Every year many people (myself included) use the next 4 weeks as a reason to indulge and throw away their healthy eating habits. During this time, many of us gain unwanted […]

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