$25 Meal Plan Special - 8 Weeks Until Summer Special!

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Weight Loss Wednesday: Mattie Lost 118 Pounds!

Name: Mattie Height: 5′ 10″ Starting Weight: 331 Current Weight: 213 Pounds Lost: 118 How long did it take you to lose the weight? 2 years Lightbulb Moment: When I had to wear shorts in November because none of my jeans fit anymore. How did you do it? I started on Weight Watchers. I am […]

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Friday Five: At Home Workouts to Try

Although I don’t talk about exercise often here, it is something that I incorporate into my daily life. Although I don’t follow a perfectly regimented routine, I do incorporate some kind of cardio and toning workouts weekly. For cardio I normally either run or hike and for toning I like HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), […]

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How to Cook Spaghetti Squash: Four Options

Spaghetti squash and I are best pals. I mean, seriously, let’s talk about this magical little veggie. It’s low calorie with only 31 calories per cup. That means you can eat a huge portion – let’s say 3 cups if you are ambitious – for under 100 calories. The same amount of pasta would have […]

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Friday Five: Tools to Help You Stay on Track

We are officially just over halfway through January and coming on the third week of healthy resolutions, goals, and plans for many people, myself included. In my opinion, this is the time it really starts to get hard. The novelty of the goal is starting to wear off, the end results/goals feel incredibly far away, […]

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New Dinner Only Meal Plans and New Year’s $25 Special!

I am incredibly excited to announce the newest addition to Slender Kitchen Meal Plans – Dinner Only Meal Plans! Starting with this week, in addition to the complete regular, vegetarian, and low carb healthy and Weight Watchers® friendly meal plans – there will also be Dinner Only Meal Plans! Each meal plan will include 5 […]

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Friday Five: The Gift of Cookbooks

This week I thought I would share some last minute cookbooks (one of my favorite gifts) for the favorite cooks in your lives. These suggestions include some diet friendly books as well as some just plain beautiful and delicious ones. What are your favorite cookbooks from this year? 1. Seriously Delish from Jessica Merchant blogger, […]

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