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Oatmeal Smoothies

I love me a good smoothie and lately I have been loving the addition of oats for some fiber and staying power. I make this smoothie all different ways, usually based on what fruits I have in the house. I like to blend oats, almond milk, and yogurt to make sure I get a good […]

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Greek Yogurt and Flax Pancakes with Berries

I want to call these magic pancakes. They are packed with good for you ingredients (Greek yogurt, flaxseed meal, antioxidant rich berries, and eggs), are low carb, packed with protein, freeze great, can be adapted lots of ways (add bananas, chia seeds, blueberries, nuts, chocolate chips, etc), and taste delicious. Seriously. The basic pancake mix […]

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Apple Pie Smoothie

Apple pie in a glass…count me in! OK so maybe it’s not exactly apple pie in a glass, but it’s a darn delicious smoothie that’s packed with protein and will keep you full all morning. One quick tip, since apples and older blenders aren’t really friends, microwave the apple for 2 minutes first to soften […]

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Healthy Smoothie Recipes

So far December has unintentionally become a month of Friday Fifty Lists, so why not keep it going to finish out the month. We’ve talked oatmeal, Weight Watchers® dinners, and now we are going to talk smoothies – healthy, delicious, diet and Weight Watchers friendly smoothies. And while we talking about smoothies, I would love […]

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Breakfast Apple Crisp

I don’t know about you but I am not quite ready to give up on holiday food yet, so what better way to keep the holidays going with a simple, healthy, and low calorie Breakfast Apple Crisp. So instead of continuing to indulge on leftover Pumpkin Pie or stuffing (my breakfast of champions from this […]

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Light Pumpkin Maple Cream Cheese

This time of year pumpkin lovers come out the woodwork sharing thousands of pumpkin recipes, and with a deep love of pumpkin myself, I can’t help but jump on board. Although if you hate pumpkin, I have an alternative for you as well for a delicious apple, butternut squash, or pear cream cheese instead. Today’s […]

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