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Microwave Huevos Rancheros

I love a good quick breakfast and have been known to make quite a few variations on the classic microwave egg mug. But it’s easy to get sick of the same combinations – eggs, veggies, cheese, repeat. So a few days back when I found myself sick of virtually all my go-to combinations and simultaneously […]

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Breakfast Bruschetta

Relaxed weekend breakfasts are one of my favorite rituals. Multiple cups of coffee, a leisurely morning spent catching up on my favorite blogs and websites, a walk by the beach, all capped off with a delicious homemade breakfast. This past weekend even though I was only cooking for one, I decided to still whip up […]

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Quinoa Breakfast Egg Mug

Egg mugs are a go to breakfast for me, especially if I am rushing in the morning. A couple of eggs, any leftover veggies in my fridge, and I can be out the door with a protein packed breakfast in just a couple of minutes. Normally I opt for eggs, veggies, and a touch of […]

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Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes

Pancakes are one of my favorite breakfast treats but all too often I find myself hungry just a couple hours later since they generally lack protein and fiber. Normally I combat that by making either Oatmeal or Peanut Butter Banana Protein Pancakes that pack more of a nutritional punch with lots of added fiber and […]

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Sweet Potato and Spinach Egg Muffins

I am always on the lookout for delicious breakfast recipes, especially the kind I can make on Sunday and then enjoy throughout the week. So when a fantastic reader (thanks Amy!) sent me a recipe idea for a Savory Egg and Sweet Potato Dish from Better Homes and Garden, I couldn’t wait to get to […]

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Sunday Slow Cooker: Breakfast Hashbrown Spinach & Ham Casserole

With school and weekend activities in full swing, the long lazy weekends of summer are becoming a thing of the past. So why not eliminate the need to make breakfast one morning? Just add everything to the crockpot for this quick and easy crockpot hashbrown casserole the night before. Eight hours later breakfast is ready […]

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