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Stuffed Italian Eggplant

Lately I have been getting lots of questions about how to make traditional recipes low carb. I have a sneaking suspicion this is due to the fact that summer is right around the corner and cutting carbs can be a quick way to shed some unwanted pounds or breakthrough a weight loss plateau. So although […]

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Slow Cooker Sunday: Beef Stroganoff

I am going to be honest. I had my doubts about this dish. Until this recipe, I had never had beef stroganoff before and most of the recipes for it involved lots of condensed soups and packets. Not really my cup of tea. However after numerous requests for a lightened up version, I started to […]

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Sunday Slow Cooker: Pepperoncini Beef aka Drip Beef

This beef is really special. I first saw it over on The Pioneer Woman’s website and have made it multiple times for game-days, get-togethers, and as a base for multiple meals throughout the week. The idea is so simple – slow cooker beef with pepperoncinis, onions, and a touch of Italian seasoning – and the […]

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Zucchini Beef Burgers

In today’s edition of “hide the vegetables” we trick our meat loving friends into indulging in a zucchini laden beef burger… One of my favorite requests is from folks looking to find secret ways to “hide” veggies to help unsuspecting “veggie haters” get more greens in their diet. One way I love to do this […]

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Italian Sausage Meatballs

My grandmother made the most delicious meatballs. They were always a combination of whatever meat she had in the house – beef, pork, sausage, and veal usually combined with eggs, Parmesan, and parsley. Not much else but wow, were they delicious. Inspired by her, I recently decided to make some simple and delicious meatballs with […]

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Tex Mex Stuffed Zucchini

Lately I have been making lots of stuffed zucchini – pizza stuffed, chicken stuffed, and my current favorite Tex Mex stuffed zucchini. Made with a simple combination of ground beef, enchilada sauce, and some spices; they make a healthy alternative to tacos or enchiladas with less carbs and fewer calories. Make these with ground chicken, […]

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