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Weekly Meal Plans Posts

  • Healthy Meal Plans Week 21
    by Kristen Mccaffrey   May 19, 2017

    This time of year I find sticking to a meal plan can be a bit harder, which seems counter intuitive with summer on the horizon. Normally I would think that bathing suit weather would...

  • Meal Plans Week 20
    by Kristen Mccaffrey   May 12, 2017

    Here's what to expect in this week's meal plan! It starts out with Oatmeal Protein Pancakes, Bacon and Egg Salad, and Slow Cooker Char Sui Pork. Monday brings One Pot Spinach and Tomato...

  • Healthy Meal Plans Week 19
    by Kristen Mccaffrey   May 05, 2017

    I am so excited about this week's meal plan! Lately life has gotten busy and having a plan has really been saving me from lots of bad food choices. It seemed like everywhere I turned last...

  • Healthy Meal Plans Week 18
    by Kristen Mccaffrey   Apr 29, 2017

    Can you believe it's May! I have to admit, I am starting to get excited that summer is right around the corner, with one big exception. I am not feeling ready for bathing suit season yet....

  • Healthy Meal Plans Week 17
    by Kristen Mccaffrey   Apr 22, 2017

    After a few weeks of feeling under the weather, I am so excited to be feeling healthy and getting back on the meal planning bandwagon. As it gets warmer, I am excited to add some grilled...

  • Healthy Meal Plans Week 14
    by Kristen Mccaffrey   Mar 31, 2017

    I read this great article this week about meal planning that showed that, "Individuals who use shopping lists are more likely to eat two or more servings of vegetables per day" and "...

  • Healthy Meal Plans Week 13
    by Kristen Mccaffrey   Mar 25, 2017

    This week I was craving lots of comforting dishes when creating this week's meal plan. For me that means tacos, Asian take-out at home, a classic comfort food dish, and Chicken Parm. Luckily...

  • Healthy Meal Plans Week 12
    by Kristen Mccaffrey   Mar 18, 2017

    I couldn't be happier that Spring is almost here! And as much as I dread the time change, I have to admit I am happy with the extra hour of sunshine. This week, I wanted to welcome spring...

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